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NHP is proud of our regular events that give our customers opportunities to experience quality, face to face demonstrations and technical information.

While COVID-19 has changed the way we have to operate in the short-medium term, NHP is committed to ensuring that our customers continue to keep up to date with product innovations, so we have developed a series of virtual 'events' to keep you informed until we can see you again at events in the future. And let’s face it – it can be great to stay in the loop from the comfort of your workplace or home office!

We have a library of webinars featuring NHP’s in-house experts on a range of topics, ranging from product demonstrations to emerging industry issues such as how to comply with changing industry legislation.

We are continuously updating this section, so please check back regularly for new additions to our library.


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On-Demand Webinars

  • webinar
    NHP Webinar: Safety Logic - Safety Monitoring Relays
    (45 Mins)

    In high risk safety applications, diagnostics and fault detection are absolutely essential. This technical webinar looks at the fundamentals of the safety monitoring relay's main functions in a safety control system, and delve into some of the measures for Diagnostic Coverage with respect to the machine safety standards.

    In this webinar we discuss:

    • Typical fault lists and exclusions
    • Diagnostic Coverage (DC) and its importance in the safety control system
    • Fault monitoring and detection
    • Safety monitoring relay logic and examples
  • webinar
    NHP Webinar: Safety Input Devices Part 1 - Presence Sensing
    (31 Mins)

    In this session, we will specifically be looking at Presence Sensing devices; their application, special functions and specific guidelines and rules for how they should be used, and delve into some of the specifics on how some of these devices work.

  • webinar
    NHP Webinar: Safety Input Devices Part 2 - Interlock Switches
    (24 Mins)

    In this session, we will specifically be looking at Interlock Switches; their application, special functions and specific guidelines and rules for how they should be used, with respect to the machine safety standards.

  • webinar
    NHP Webinar: IE3/IE4 Motors & Circuit Breakers
    (40 Mins)

    IE3 / IE4 motors (high efficiency motors) have very different characteristics to older designs we are used to. The characteristics pose challenges for connected switch gear, circuit breakers and contactors alike. They have also forced industry to change expectations in performance parameters to do particular jobs. In this webinar, we discuss some of the issues involved in these subjects.

  • webinar
    NHP Webinar: Arc Flash
    (46 Mins)

    While there is a lot of information floating around on the subject of Arc Flash, it is safe to say there is a lot of confusion within industry concerning the responsibilities and obligations to mitigate against this occurrence. This technical webinar aims to break down the Arc Flash subject and clarify the obligations onsite and the various mitigation strategies available.

    This webinar covers:

    • What is arc flash (principles)
    • What are sites required to do?
    • Mitigation strategies
    • AS/NZS 61439: Low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies
    • Electrical Protection
    • Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD)
    • Other Detection Methods
    • Arc Quenching
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Remote operation
  • webinar
    NHP Webinar: Selectivity Part 1
    (33 Mins)

    This webinar covers:

    • Meaning of selectivity and expected outcomes
    • The basics of circuit breaker selectivity
    • Defines types of faults and expected fault behaviours
    • Discusses Prospective fault current s and how they are derived
    • Defines the requirements and definitions according to AS/NZS3000:2018 and AS/NZS60947-2:2015
  • webinar
    NHP Webinar: Type 2 Co-Ordination For Motor Starting
    (20 Mins)

    This webinar covers:

    • Why is Type 2 co-ordination required?
    • The testing processes from AS/NZS IEC 60947.4.1:2015
    • How these are applied to type 2 tables for IE3 Premium efficiency motors
    • Considerations for site operations
  • webinar
    NHP Webinar: Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
    (37 Mins)

    This webinar covers:

    • Electric vehicles - range, recharging, cost, and why we're expecting them to slowly take over from petrol cars.
    • Recharging behaviour - where drivers recharge them, how long it takes, and how much power is needed.
    • Electrical supply to the vehicle and types of chargers - single phase, three phase, and DC.
    • Installation requirements - RCDs and AS/NZS3000:2018.
    • Load management - what will EVs do to the grid (or the site switchboard)?
    • Existing public infrastructure - plugshare.com
    • Where to next - NHP resources to help you out when your customer asks for an EV charger!
  • webinar
    NHP Webinar: Safety Essentials Part 1 - Safety Concepts
    (33 Mins)

    This webinar is the first in a two-part series on machine Safety Essentials. In this session, we will discuss the fundamental concepts of machinery safety:

    • What are risks and hazards and how do we avoid them?
    • What are safety devices and what makes them safe in the first place?

    We will look at some of the terminologies used in the several machine safety standards and explore safety categories, performance levels and safety design.

  • webinar
    NHP Webinar: Safety Essentials Part 2 - Safety Products
    (40 Mins)

    This session follows on from Part 1, taking a closer look into some of the products you would typically find in a machine safety control system, particularly those which we at NHP can offer.

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