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NHP is proud of our regular events that give our customers opportunities to experience quality, face to face demonstrations and technical information.

While COVID-19 has changed the way we have to operate in the short-medium term, NHP is committed to ensuring that our customers continue to keep up to date with product innovations, so we have developed a series of virtual 'events' to keep you informed until we can see you again at events in the future. And let’s face it – it can be great to stay in the loop from the comfort of your workplace or home office!

We have a library of webinars featuring NHP’s in-house experts on a range of topics, ranging from product demonstrations to emerging industry issues such as how to comply with changing industry legislation.

We are continuously updating this section, so please check back regularly for new additions to our library.


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On-Demand Webinars

  • webinar
    Next Generation Motor Protection
    (28 mins)

    NHP understands that your overload relays are a critical asset in your motor control system and we support that by providing you with the latest technology to maximise your investment. New technologies can improve and extend the operation of existing equipment and provide an immediate boost to productivity.

    In this webinar we will discuss migrating from your legacy CEP7-ED1/EE Overload to the new CEP7-1 Electronic Overload Relay, which can help you to decrease downtime, increase speed to market, and optimise operations well into the future.

  • webinar
    NHP Live Webinar: Selectivity Part 3
    (34 mins)

    In this webinar, we will discuss how to achieve an installation selectivity level appropriate for the installation. Focus on settings, expected behaviours and incorporation of Zone Selective Interlocking principles. We will examine our priorities and apply design criteria based on these and look at realistic outcomes.

    Webinar topics:

    • How do I achieve an appropriate selective system?
    • What is a Type A MCCB, what is a Type B?
    • What is Zone Selective Interlocking?
    • What are my design criteria and priorities?
    • What is my realistic outcome?
  • webinar
    NHP Webinar: Essentials Field Switching and Sensing
    (45 mins)

    This webinar will cover the following topics:

    1. Product Identification
    2. Concept of operation
    3. Applications & sensor selection
  • webinar
    NHP Webinar: Enhanced Protection Of Your People And Assets Part 1 - Earth Leakage Devices
    (31 mins)

    Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

    • Importance of correct selection of earth leakage devices
      • Are you protected?
      • Type AC, Type A & Type B
    • Next generation of protection, Arc Fault Detection Devices AFDD
    • WH&S RCD testing compliance requirements
    • Advanced earth leakage testing solutions
  • webinar
    NHP Webinar: Selectivity Part 2
    (26 mins)

    Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

    • Brief recap of Part 1 (click here to view)
    • The basics to intermediate aspects of circuit breaker selectivity.
    • Look at Regulations according to AS/NZS3000:2018.
    • Discuss Circuit Breakers and their operation & how to modify time current curves.
    • Explain Current limiting.
    • Discuss Current & Energy selectivity.
    • Investigate Fuse backup protection.
    • Discuss non-auto switchgear backup protection.
  • webinar
    NHP Webinar: Integrated Condition Monitoring
    (40 Mins)

    Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

    • Maintenance Practices
    • Condition Monitoring Categories
    • Vibration Analysis
    • Predicting failure by trending fault indicators
    • Manual Data Collection
    • What makes a condition monitoring system integrated?
    • Baseline values
    • Example topology
  • webinar
    NHP Webinar: Hazardous Area Ex Motor Protection
    (43 Mins)

    Hazardous areas exist in many industrial sites where motor control and protection is required, understanding what types of motor protection is allowed based on the type of Ex rated motor is critical in selecting and safeguarding equipment and site. In this technical webinar, we will be exploring the most common types of Ex rated motors that exist, and covering the general and additional requirements of the protection of these motors based on AS/NZS 60079.14.

    In this webinar we discuss:

    • Why we need Ex rated motors
    • Common Ex motor rated protection methods
    • General requirements for motor protection within a hazardous area according to AS/NZS 60079.14
    • Additional requirements based on the motors Ex protection method according to AS/NZS 60079.14
  • webinar
    NHP Webinar: Safety Applications - Safe Stop And Motion
    (46 Mins)

    Modern safety systems allow us to do more than just turn off the machine to reduce the risk of injury to the operator. In this technical webinar we explore the various safe stop and motion techniques such as safe speed monitoring, which aid in reducing risks associated with direct access to the machine.

    In this webinar we discuss:

    • Safety Functions and Monitoring
    • Modes of use for machines
    • Stand-still detection
    • Safe stop techniques including Safe Torque Off
    • Stop categories
    • Drive based safe motion functions and instructions
    • Application examples
  • webinar
    NHP Webinar: AS/NZS 61439 Discussion
    (26 Mins)

    AZ/NZS 61439 is the new series of standards that covers the requirements for switchboards. Join us for an informative audio discussion with two of our switchboard solution specialists. We will be discussing the AS/NZS 61439 standard in general with answers to frequently asked questions.

  • webinar
    NHP Webinar: Hazardous Area Fundamentals
    (45 Mins)

    Hazardous areas exist in places we might not all be aware of, learning to identify and select equipment for these environments is critical. In this technical webinar, we will be exploring what constitutes a hazardous area; the explosive nature of materials, and how material properties are grouped to aid selection of hazardous area equipment based on certification and marking.

    In this webinar we discuss:

    • What is a Hazardous area?
    • Conditions for Explosive Atmospheres for Gasses, Vapours, and Dusts
    • Properties of Gases, Vapours, mists and Dusts
    • Material Grouping, T classes, EPL's and Zone Classification for Gasses and Dusts
    • Types of protection, how they work & where they can be used
    • Equipment Certification & Marking
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