Environmental Factors

Beacons - selection

Environmental factors determining selection
  • The light output required for the beacon and distance the signal is required to travel
  • The ambient level of existing light
  • The IP rating of the beacon
  • Safe atmosphere or potentially explosive atmosphere (contact NHP for HAE product selection) 

The intensity of the light can be greatly reduced as it passes through the dome of the beacon. The extent of this reduction is dependent on the type of lamp used and the colour of the lens. The table below gives an indication of the percentage of light that will pass through the lens for different light sources and lens colours.

Colour  Filament    Halogen    Xenon   LED 
Clear  100% 100% 100% 100% 
 70% 70% 70% 100%
Red  30% 27% 23% 100%
 Green 12% 15% 25% 100%
 Blue 8% 10% 13% 100%

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